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Some families can apply for a $4,500 stimulus program in 2022, are you eligible?

One Texas county is suggesting families apply for a monthly stimulus program that would provide them with $4,500 per month if approved.

Fort Bend County parents may be eligible for these monthly vouchers if they haven’t already checked.

The vouchers are for a child care program, and 700 have been sent with $1 million dollars left in funding.

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Parents can get $500 per child for up to three children worth $1,500 per month.

The vouchers renew for up to three months, allowing families with three children to get up to $4,500 in all.

To get more information on the program and applying, click here.

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The program is designed to financially assist families struggling during the ongoing pandemic.

What other financial assistance is available to parents?

The child tax credit payments were created to financially support parents during the pandemic, with the final payment Dec. 15.

Unless Congress can come to an agreement on an extension, it might be the final payment.

Some families may see a stimulus check in 2022 since the IRS is still working on getting those out.

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The last batch of checks is planned for the time where people file their 2021 taxes next year.

These checks will mostly go to new parents claiming their children born in 2021 for the first time.

Lump sum payments may also go out for child tax credits with parents who were eligible but didn’t claim them this year.

Some families may see as much as $3,600 next year for child tax credits.

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