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Do you qualify as one of the thousands of Americans who can apply for $500 stimulus cash this month?

With an application opening up soon, thousands of Americans will have the chance to apply for $500 in stimulus aid.

The applications are available to St. Louis, Missouri residents.

In order to be eligible for the payment, there are a list of qualifications to meet.

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You must have been a resident of St. Louis for at least one full year before applying.

You also need to earn 80% or below the median income for the area.

For a family one one that is $47,550. A family of 8 is $89,650.

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You need to show you’ve suffered a loss of income due to the pandemic. This could mean a loss of a job, hours worked, funeral expenses, or treatment costs.

You’ll need to provide ID, proof of earnings, two documents (one must be a bank statement), tax returns, a lease, and car registration.

Applications are online through St. Louis’ website. They open beginning Dec. 18.

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If approved residents can choose to get their payments through their smart phones or the mail.

After submitting the application you are given status updates until it’s approved or denied.

If you aren’t documented, you’ll need a non-governmental partner agency to sign your application.

It’s estimated that around 9,300 residents lost income and will qualify.

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