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Find out how to get $30,000 for homeowner expenses

People have qualified for various stimulus checks this year.

One major way is through child tax credits, with only one remaining.

Many Americans benefitted from federal and state stimulus checks.

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But what if you’re a homeowner and you’re struggling to pay your mortgage and bills?

How can the Homeowners Assistance Fund help me keep my house?

The Homeowners Assistance Fund is a $10 billion dollar fund to help homeowners with different kinds of expenses involved in homeownership.

The fund comes from a bigger stimulus law worth $1.9 trillion dollars.

Funds are given to the state to decide how they want to allocate those funds and who qualifies.

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One way to qualify is to live in an area of persistent poverty.

Another is if you’re part of a group that’s faced discrimination historically.

This fund exists to help offset the costs of mortgage payments, taxes, association fees, utilities, and insurance.

The funds are given to states who submit plans on how they plan to give out the money.

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New York received final approval for their plans first.

Governor Kathy Hochul is allocating $539 million dollars for those at the greatest risk of foreclosure or displacement.

It’s reported that New York will give as much as $50,000 to struggling residents.

Connecticut homeowners can get as much as $30,000.

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