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Are you eligible for $1,800 per child in child tax credits this December?

Families can expect their final child tax credit this month in just about two weeks.

Some families are expecting $1,800 per child.

In July the IRS began sending advanced child tax credit payments to eligible families worth up to $300 per child per month.

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In order to qualify, couples filing jointly need to make under $150,000 per year and single parents filing head of household need to make below $112,500.

Payments worth up to $300 per month have been being sent since July, bringing the total to a possible $1,800 per child by December.

So, who can get $1,800 per child this month?

The families that can get up to $1,800 per child on Dec. 15 are non-filers that utilized the tool by Nov. 15.

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Instead of getting their payments starting in July, they’ll get the lump sum of what they’re entitled to this month in one payment.

This means up to $1,800 for kids under 6 and $1,500 for kids ages 6-17.

If you didn’t enroll in time, you’ll need to file your taxes to claim the credit in 2022. Even if you normally would not file, you’ll need to to get the credit.

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How much will everyone else get?

If you started collecting payments in July like most Americans, you’ll be getting the regular $250-$300 per child depending on their age.

Next year parents may claim the second half of their child tax credit.

Parents that opted out or never enrolled could be entitled to the entire payment in one lump sum when they file their taxes next year.

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