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6 simple ways to create an inviting home

There are steps that transform a house or apartment into a ‘home.’ Simply buying furniture and using a space day in and day out does not contribute to how inviting or homely it is. Luckily, creating a comfortable and homely feel in your house or apartment is surprisingly easy and can be achieved with a few simple touches. 

Do not aim for perfection or perfect cleanliness as that is impossible even if you work from home or don’t have children. Here are a few simple ways to spruce up your space, make it cozier and create a comforting vibe around it.

Inviting Home

  1. Anti-Cluttering And Tidying 

While no home needs to be perfect or in tip-top condition, outright dirt and untidiness along with uncontrolled clutter can really affect how you feel when you are in that space. Make a habit of tidying up the house a little bit every day such as doing speed cleans and then a deep clean at least every 2 weeks or even once a month. 

Most cleaning experts say that doing the dishes, wiping the counters, and a simple vacuum on the areas that see the most foot traffic such as the living area is good enough for a day-to-day basis. Apart from generalized good hygiene, organize the space so that every item has a designated spot to return to.

Buy sorting bins or organizers for the kitchen, desk, and so forth so that you are reducing unwanted clutter on tables and counters. Have an organizer at your entryway for coats and shoes or a separate mudroom if manageable to reduce the amount of outside dirt that is entering the house. 

Clear out the trash daily, throw out irrelevant paperwork such as receipts and old magazines, and even do garage sales of stuff you or your kids don’t use anymore. You can always sell things like clothes online or even donate them to charities. Wherever possible use the Marie Kondo method of letting go of items that no longer add value to your life and simply take up space. 

  1. Use Foliage And Flowers

An inviting home is one that has elements of freshness in abundance. Use fresh cut flowers from the store or simply trim some up from nearby and place them in vases all over your home and especially in the bedroom and the main living area and kitchen. You can also use potpourri for a fresh smell or aromatherapy candles or even oil diffusers. 

The sense of smell is very important for one’s mood and it influences feelings so make the most of gorgeous, uplifting scents in your home. Apart from flowers, you can also use various green plants in different sizes to spruce up your space as well as to produce more oxygen! Cacti and succulents are also minimalist décor staples that give an aura of relaxation. 

  1. Coziness In Overdrive

If you want your home to be inviting, it needs to be somewhere where your personality shines in the best possible way. Use décor elements in colors, shapes, and sizes that appeal to you and foster happiness and joy. Anything from a custom home painting to cushions, fur rugs, comfortable furniture, and family photographs will give your home that lived-in feel. 

Consider rearranging or replacing your current furniture if you want to dramatically change the look of a room (white painted furniture for example opens up space but dark mahogany wood can make a room appear smaller and maybe even cozier). Accessories that are comforting to you like lamps, candles, books or even movie memorabilia should all feature in your home décor to make it inviting and personalized.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Color

Bright, vibrant colors instantly make a room more inviting. Homes that are decorated with beige, white, cream, and black can become dull and uninspiring instead of comforting. Use orange, pink, bright blue, and green, and maybe even a spot of yellow to spark interest. 

If you do not want to go overboard with the use of bright colors, you can always use them as accents such as having a pink frame or pink trimming on a couch that is otherwise in a neutral color. Use some interior design lighting tips to understand how the type of light you use (clinical white or warm yellow glow) can affect the ambiance of your home as well. 

  1. Food Can Be Décor 

One of the features of a comfortable, pleasant home is the availability of delicious food. Place a fruit basket on the kitchen counter or near the television where guests can easily access it and have a chocolate or sweets box as well. Many people even prefer to have small gumball machines so that they can have a snack when they’re watching a movie or playing a video game. Popcorn machines are also a treat for guests and are always appreciated. If you are someone on a health craze, stack nuts, dark chocolate, and granola bars for snacks to offer guests or to indulge in after a long day. 

  1. Work On The Entryway

The entrance of a home has an instant impact on visitors so make it as colorful and aesthetically pleasing as you can. Apart from being beautiful it also needs to be functional such as having somewhere to place your keys, sanitize your hands, hang up your coat and keep pet supplies like a leather dog collar. If you have a table at the entrance of your home, be sure to declutter it daily and use fresh flowers or plant pots to freshen up the look and feel of the space. A welcome mat also helps! 

If you have a window next to your main door, use light fabric curtains on it so you can enhance the feeling of space and make use of all the available natural light. Many people do not have light fixtures right next to the entrance so incorporate a standing lamp or a couple of small lamps to increase light in the area and give that much-loved homely touch.

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