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Will COVID-19 vaccines work with the new Omicron variant?

While a lot is still unknown about the Omicron variant, experts are still urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

What is known so far is that the variant was announced over the weekend by the World Health Organization.

It was originally labeled as B.1.1.529 before being given the name Omicron.

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There are numerous mutations to the variant which have raised concern for experts. The mutations may or may not allow the variant to evade vaccines.

The quick spread of the variant has caused many countries to ban and restrict certain travel.

Experts so far feel that symptoms have only been mild so far.

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While this is good news, the patients make up a limited group, not offering a lot of information.

Now that COVID-19 has been around for awhile, there are many known ways to stay safe from contracting the virus.

People can still wear masks, maintain social distancing, and utilize the things that have kept people safe from the beginning.

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While there is not a specific vaccine for this strain of the virus yet Moderna is working toward creating one.

Moderna Inc. Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton stated that they should know more about the effectiveness of the vaccine against Omicron in a few weeks.

He added that if there needs to be a whole new vaccine it will likely be in early 2022 when it’s released.

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