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Will Social Security recipients be getting a fourth stimulus check?

Discussions are still being had on whether seniors should get another stimulus check as they battle the increasing inflation.

The Senior Citizens League has called on Congress to send recipients of Social Security a check worth $1,400.

The push came early in fall when the League sent a letter to Congress.

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The letter sent by TSCL Chairman Rick Delaney asked for one more $1,400 check for senior citizens.

The goal with the check is to offset increased costs caused by inflation that seniors are expected to struggle with even with a COLA increase.

Despite that 5.9% increase, the highest in almost 40 years, seniors will see that boost go straight to increased Medicare and inflated goods and services.

Seniors have said they’ve exhausted any retirement savings they had, eat just one meal a day, and cut their pills in half because they can’t afford their medication.

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What’s happening with a fourth stimulus check for seniors?

On Nov. 19 the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act which expands services offered within Medicare and helps with prescription drug prices.

Not included in the bill is a fourth check for seniors.

In order for the bill to go into law, it now needs to be passed by the Senate.

An online petition has caught the attention of many Americans in favor of the fourth check for seniors.

No official polls or studies have been done to collect data on how many people really support the stimulus check.

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