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Is your family missing out on up to $1,800 in stimulus cash? Here’s how to claim it

Child Tax Credit payments have been going out since July in the form of up to $300 per month payments.

Unfortunately, some families that qualify have been missing out on these payments they’re entitled to.

After one month of families receiving a single payment, three million children were lifted out of poverty.

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A study has shown that one out of every ten eligible families is not getting the payments they’re entitled to.

36 million families received their second to last payment just last week.

How do the child tax credit payments work?

To get the full payments, couples must make less than $150,000 filing jointly or less than $112,500 filing as head of household.

The families that did enroll will be getting their last payment in Dec.

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The total amount everyone who enrolled could see at the end of Dec. is $1,800.

People who did not file taxes in 2019 or 2020 needed to use one of the non-filer tools to enroll in the payments.

The IRS had one, and then another called was created for those that missed the IRS deadline.

The deadline for was Nov. 15.

If you did not enroll, you can claim the credits next year by filing taxes.

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After that you will get money from the IRS worth thousands of dollars.

Every child under 6 is worth up to $3,600 and children between 6 and 17 are worth $3,000.

The other families who have been collecting will be able to get the second half worth up to $1,800.

You can also claim the credits if you opted out of receiving them in fear of making more money than you actually might have.

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