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35 million families will lose child tax credit payments in three weeks, Americans call for $2,000 stimulus check

Americans have joined together to call on Congress for a $2,000 stimulus check to be sent after Thanksgiving.

The final child tax credit payment is set to be sent out Dec. 15, and after that families need to wait until tax season to claim the rest.

Congress also has to decide on whether they want to expand the child tax credit program currently in place. If it is not expanded, the Dec. payment will be the final one.

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Americans have voiced their frustration to President Joe Biden on Twitter in recent weeks as Thanksgiving 2021 has become the most expensive one in recent history.

Many are asking for a surprise stimulus check after the holiday, with others asking for recurring payments for the remainder of the pandemic worth up to $2,000.

Thanksgiving dinner costs have risen 14% from last year.

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Many say it’s due to inflation, but some believe it’s because Thanksgiving was cheaper last year with smaller gatherings or skipping it entirely.

Last year the cost for dinner was 4% less than the year prior.

The child tax credit payments may expire in three weeks after provide economic relief to millions of families throughout 2021.

Democrats want to expand it again, but Republicans oppose it.

There is no reason to believe lawmakers or President Biden plan to provide any form of economic relief despite people asking for it.

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