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Stimulus checks worth up to $400 could be sent with state proposal

As inflation continues, one state is looking at helping its residents with another stimulus check worth up to $400.

The proposal was made by Republicans with the Illinois House of Representatives.

If the proposal is passed, refundable tax credits will be made available to single filers making under $75,000 per year.

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Single filers would get $200 and married couples making under $150,000 per year would get $400.

According to State Representative Tom Demmer, the money is based on what the federal stimulus checks did over the last two years.

Three checks worth $3,200 altogether were sent out depending on people’s income and eligibility.

The goal is to use $1.4 billion dollars of the $8 billion that were given to the state of Illinois under the American Rescue Act.

Details surrounding the plan aren’t yet available, but the entire point is to help with inflation.

Demmer stated that while it’s not going to fix the issue, but it may help.

He described it as an extra week of groceries or utility bills.

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The eligibility is similar to the stimulus checks being sent by the state of California to their residents.

California requires eligible people to have an income of under $75,000 per year. They also need to have filed their taxes by Oct. 15, 2021 for the year 2020.

Around 9 million people will have seen a state stimulus check by the end of the year in California.

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