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NYSEG adds smart tech to Macedon grid

NYSEG has added new technology to its distribution grid in Macedon that it says will mean fewer and shorter outages.

The utility says the Auto Grid Restoration Scheme will create a more reliable and resilient energy grid for its 3,100 Macedon customers.

“We’re excited to bring this impactful, cutting-edge technology to our customers in Macedon,” said Eddie Mulholland, Director of Energy Control Centers at AVANGRID, NYSEG’s parent company. “The smart circuit devices on AGR schemes can significantly speed-up restoration times for our customers. In fact, these devices typically operate within minutes of a fault occurring to restore some customers immediately. Additionally, AGR schemes will help us decrease our carbon footprint. Since we receive location information from the smart devices, we can send our crews directly to the location of the fault instead of having them patrol the circuit for miles to locate the problem.”

NYSEG is also adding smart circuit devices that can detect, for example, a tree that has fallen on a line and temporarily switch which grid is powering customers, resulting in quicker restoration of service.