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Employers legally required to share salary details with applicants

A few states have passed various laws that will now require states to remain transparent with applicants when it comes to salary details.

The goal is to address the inequality surrounding pay with people, especially with women and minorities.

Many people are searching for jobs following the pandemic, but a lot of people don’t know salaries for the jobs they apply for.

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Interviews are usually held before an offer is made which includes the salary.

If you make it to that point and learn the salary isn’t high enough, it’s easy to feel frustrated and like you’ve wasted your time.

Now there are pay transparency laws that can help resolve this issue.

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The goal is to take the secrecy out of the process, so people know what they’re signing up for.

This can also help keep pay equal between all employees of different races and genders.

Which states require employers to disclose salary information with applicants?

California was the first state to pass a law in 2018 that required employers share their salary details.

The law makes it so a salary range is shared with applicants if they ask.

Employers may also not ask for an applicant’s salary history.

Colorado created the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.

Nevada and Connecticut passed similar laws without names.

Transparency requirements exist under similar laws for Washington, Maryland, and in Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio.

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