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Poll shows that Californians feel economic inequality is growing

A poll recently showed that 69% of California residents feel that the already existent economic inequality is only getting worse.

64% of responders say they believe it’s going to be wider by 2030.

2,292 adult Californians were interviewed by the Public Policy Institute of California and asked about the state’s economic outlook, financial security, and job security.

62% think their finances are the same as one year ago. Some with lower incomes felt they were worse off and could not handle a $1,000 emergency in necessary.

16% say they or someone in their household got food from a food bank and 27% received unemployment.

Anyone making under $20,000 was three times more likely to say they had it hard compared to those making $80,000.

Residents in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay were optimistic, but those in Central Valley, Inland Empire, and Orange/San Diego counties were pessimistic.

Many areas said that well paying jobs were either a problem or a major problem.

The poll shows that 47% see good times ahead and 52% see bad times ahead.

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