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How does the infrastructure bill impact child tax credit payments?

There are two bills: the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill. Child tax credits were not extended in the infrastructure bill. The extension in included in the reconciliation bill.

Here is the difference between the two bills.

The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is a bipartisan bill that focuses on physical infrastructure. Attention was turned to this bill after Republicans weren’t supportive of the social spending parts of the American Jobs Plan.

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This bill was passed by the Senate in Aug. and the House earlier this month.

The reconciliation bill is $1.75 trillion dollars.

The reconciliation bill includes expanded Medicare, establishing a federal paid leave policy, two free years at community college, and other things. The last price before $1.75 trillion was $3.5 trillion dollars.

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The child tax credit being extended is part of this bill. This bill still has not passed, so whether it will actually be extended is unknown.

If it is not passed, then the current child tax credit will expire and go back to the way it was before. This would change it so 24 million kids won’t qualify next year.

The price before it was shaved to $3.5 trillion, and then $1.75 trillion, was $6 trillion.

Democrats that are more conservative voiced their opinion on the price causing issues and adding to the national debt.

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