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Child Tax Credit: One last $300 payment next month, some can get $1,800 next year

The last and final advanced child tax credit payment will be next month on Dec. 15.

The Nov. payment started arriving today on the 15th, marking the second to last advanced payment.

This makes it so parents have received the first half of their child tax credits worth up to $3,600 for next tax season.

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Parents of children under the age of six will get a total of $3,600, making it so they will get 6 payments of $300 in 2021. Parents with kids ages 6-17 will get $3,000, getting 6 payments of $250 per month in 2021.

The remainder will be given in 2022 when people file for their 2021 taxes.

To qualify, parents must make $75,000 or less single or $150,000 or less married filing jointly.

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Low income families that do not normally file needed to register through the IRS or

Today, Nov. 15, is the last day to sign up through the tool if you’re a non-filer. After that, you can file taxes in 2022 and get the whole refund.

If you apply today you can get the full amount you’re due in one lump sum Dec. 15.

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