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Cyber Monday about to kick off What to buy from ROIDMI

Cyber Monday is the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend. As you might have known, Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday: a day of exclusive, website-only deals. But you may not know that it has outrun Black Friday and become the biggest shopping day.

ROIDMI Cyber Monday

ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot is a very popular product of ROIDMI. It’s a robot vacuum that empties, collects, and sterilizes the waste itself. It’s vacuum and mop 2-in-1 — half the time, double the efficiency. It has a dust station so dust tray cleaning is not required. The 3-liter dust bag can hold 60 days of daily waste. It also has a Deodorizing-particle Generator that puts down bacteria and removes smells.

It can be controlled via the APP or Alexa, And you can see the dust disposal and sterilization progress on the LED screen. You can trust the dust disposal efficiency of this robovac as well—the dust station has a 23,000pa extraordinary suction, 379mm air duct, 3L large dust bag like we just mentioned, special sterilization system, and LED screen for convenient communications.

As for the vacuuming performance, some features and specs of the robot can speak for it: the fourth-generation LDS navigation, smart mapping system, 2,700pa high suction, tangle-free V-shape roller brush, large tank with precise water control, Y-route inspired by hand mopping, 250-minute superb battery life, and dual side brushes.

The much-anticipated year-end promotion — Cyber Monday is about to kick off. If you want to get the popular ROIDMI Eve Plus at the best price, get ready now. You can log in on Aliexpress, add it to the cart, and keep in mind the starting time of the promotion. Once the discount starts, you can order it right away and have it sent to your front door as soon as possible. Go now if you don’t want to wait for another year!

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