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Want a pest-free office? Follow these tips!

Who doesn’t love a workstation that’s spic and span? Well, everybody does. 

Pest Free Office

A well-organized office isn’t just about a clean, happy environment; it’s a mindset. It’s a space that leads to greater employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

It’s your company’s front. You wouldn’t want your clients or customers spotting a cockroach under their chair during important meetings. Imagine how that could damage your business’s bottom line.

Therefore, it is important to keep your office pest-free. But how can you do that? Already having folds on the forehead? Don’t fret; you can take help from the below ways to keep your office completely pest-free. 

Take a look. 

Keep the Workstations Clean

Taking thorough pest control measures in the work zone ensures the employees aren’t distracted. It also ensures that they are safe and healthy.

One way of doing that is through proper awareness programs. 

Educate the employees to wash their own utensils and lunch boxes after use. The wet dustbin having food leftover needs to be trashed and cleaned. 

Resources should keep their own desks free of clutter. 

Also, you can appoint a professional cleaning staff twice a week to ensure proper cleanliness in the workspace.

Ensure That You Properly Discard the Food Waste

A few cookie crumbs and dots of cream from the afternoon pastry party might be a banquet for pests like cockroaches, rodents, ants, or other roaches. Ensure that everyone discards the food wastes in separate bins with tight lids on them. 

Also, instruct the employees not to leave food packages outside. Spilled drinks need to be cleaned instantly with a wet cloth.

Do not forget to inspect the eating area to ensure there is no pest habitation. 

Seal any Holes and Cracks

These are the entry points of pests in your office space. If you have tiny vents on your walls or ceiling, pests will not leave a scope to make an entry to the workstations. Consider hiring a professional to examine such gaps and ensure to seal those well. 

If you have cracks in the balcony or washroom, where the floors usually remain wet, ensure that these are enclosed properly. 

Remove Junk

It is no surprise that unnecessary debris can be breeding zones for bugs and pests in your office space. If you have piled up a lot of clutter and junk, get those cleaned by hiring a professional. When left for longer periods, the debris attracts damp and moisture, accumulating bugs. 

There are a lot of efficient junk removal companies who can get rid of the unnecessary boxes, cans, tins, cartons and other mess around to keep your office absolutely clean. Moreover, if you have unused furniture that no longer deserves a place in your office, consider hiring a good Brooklyn furniture removal and disposal company to take care of such furniture items. 

Inspect Water Sources

Mice, bugs, termites and other pests are likely to infect your workplace if you have leaky faucets or watery pipes. So, it is best to get them replaced and maintained. 

Ponds, fountains, plumbing areas, kitchens, and other places are also breeding zones for these small stubborn creatures. So, there is a high chance of pest development in such areas.

Roaches thrive in moist, warm and dark areas in the office, which often remain untouched. Also, if there are indoor plants, keep them trimmed to avoid water spillage while watering them.

Final Word

Keeping your office space pest-free with the methods mentioned above will ensure higher productivity and satisfaction levels among employees. 

What do you think about these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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