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What’s better: COVID-19 vaccine or natural immunity?

The CDC has released a report officially backing up that immunity obtained through the COVID-19 vaccine is stronger than natural immunity from being infected.

That being said, studies are also showing that natural immunity lasts at least 6 months past the original date of infection.

The report by the CDC was based on research and unpublished data that determined the 6 month timeframe for natural immunity. The immunity given from the vaccine is more reliable and consistent. It can also add to natural immunity a person may already have.

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The CDC says that anyone who has been infected should still get the vaccine because it’s simply impossible to tell if someone has strong or weak immunity following infection. No one person is the same.

Some experts also believe that by getting the vaccine with natural immunity, it creates an even stronger immune response which can protect individuals from variants that evade the vaccine more easily.

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