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What happens if you want to return to work after you already claimed social security?

Sometimes people choose to claim social security to retire before they reach the full age. But other times they realize they would prefer to be back at work, and want to undo it.

Normally social security payments are less than what a job would pay, which is why some people want to go back to work.

The longer you wait to claim, the more money you’ll get in the long run.

How can I un-claim my social security?

You can use the withdrawal of benefits stipulation if you’ve been collecting social security for less than 12 months.

This allows payments to be suspended in order for you to return to work. The only catch is you need to pay back all benefits that have been paid out.

In addition any payments made to spouses or children need to be paid back too.

To withdrawal you must fill out and submit Form SSA-521.

If it’s been over 12 months you cannot withdraw your claim.

If you filed before the age of 67, you may be able to suspend benefits.

When you reach the age of 67 or whenever your full retirement age is, you can suspend the benefits and do not need to pay them back.

This will earn you a delay in your credits.

Every year to defer claiming up to 70 you will earn 8% more per year for payouts.

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