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How has Shiba Inu changed with price over the last year?

Oct. 29 was Shiba Inu’s highest day so far at $0.00008845. It also saw a rise in price when Elon Musk mentioned it in a Tweet.

Coinbase shows that just during Oct., the digital coin jumped 942%.

Shiba Inu is a token that can be bought by the trillions. It looks similar to Dogecoin, which also has a picture of a shiba inu on it.

What can happen with Shiba Inu trading now?

Shiba Inu is hard to predict, and has been up and down drastically. In May the coin reached $0.00003641.

The price depends on a lot of unpredictable factors. It’s price can dramatically rise or drop at the mention of its name by a celebrity, or if a platform mentions it may carry it down the line.

In Sept. when it began trading on Coinbase it rose as well.

Experts have tried to predict the future price of Shiba Inu, but again, it is not guaranteed and any factor can greatly impact and change the outcome.

Wallet Investor recently predicted the currency to reach $0.000053 in a year, which is a drop.

Coin Price Forecast sees $0.00013192 by the end of 2021 and $0.00015877 by the middle of next year.

Others believe it will never hit $1 because that would put it at a one quadrillion market value and the world simply does not have that much money.

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