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Expect higher prices, longer waits shipping packages via USPS this holiday season

The United States Postal Service and logistics experts agree: If you’re sending a package this holiday season – do your shopping and shipping early.

The holiday season is officially underway with the passing of Halloween and calendar change to November. However, countless Americans have already started holiday shopping.

“The best things customers can do I would recommend,” said Xavier Hernandez, USPS spokesperson. “Make sure you ship early, plan ahead, decide when you need things to be delivered, and go back from there.”

There are deadlines for shipping, like every year, but supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on the prospect of getting packages to their destination in short order.

Prices are also on their way up due to the pandemic.

“Packages are in higher demand, and a need for e-commerce and mitigating circumstances is definitely driving the package business,” Hernandez added.

The demand is expected to increase throughout the month of November and into December. However, the biggest shipping issues are expected around Cyber Monday this year.

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