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Where can people spend their food stamps and EBT card balance?

More and more people are receiving food stamp benefits as the economy and workforce slowly recover from the pandemic. Food stamps are loaded onto an EBT, or electronic benefit transfer card, and spent at stores that accept food stamps.

Where can I use my EBT card and how much do I get to spend?

Authorized retailers accept EBT cards. Most grocery stores are included, and even some gas stations.

This online tool will let you type in a location to see which stores will accept the payment.

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After typing in a city, state, or zip code, retailers will show up on the map. By clicking the retailer you can get more details on how to get there.

The money will purchase food staples to be able to easily cook meals at home. Fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, meat, milk, cheese, rice, bread, and seed to grow food are some of what’s included.

All 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands offers food stamp programs to its residents. EBT has been used in the United States since mid-2004.

When the pandemic began, states and retailers were more open to allowing EBT cardholders to use their cards online for pickup or delivery orders.

Now, almost all states allow online use.

Different states have different guidelines, but places like Amazon and Aldi allow the use of EBT online.

Alaska, Louisiana and Montana do not.

To receive food stamps you must apply to the state you reside in. You must meet certain income eligibility requirements.

One person must have a monthly income of $1,396, but the number goes up for more people in the household.

Elderly and disabled people have different rules.

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