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How will holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving change social security benefit pay dates?

This Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, social security beneficiaries will be getting their payments on different days.

Benefits are not paid on federal holidays.

Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November this year, and will be Nov. 25, 2021.

Christmas is on a weekend, meaning Monday will be a “holiday.”

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If you claim checks, then it’s best to switch to electronic direct deposit. That way the money will come faster and mail can’t get lost that may have a check in it.

When will social security and other benefits be paid during the holiday season?

Social security usually goes out the second Wednesday of the month for people who were born between the first and tenth of the month.

It goes out on the third Wednesday of the month if people were born between the 11th and 20th.

Anyone born after the 20th will see their checks the fourth Wednesday of the month.

For payment dates that fall on weekends or federal holidays, the payment will be made the weekday immediately before.

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Social security is not likely to be impacted due to holidays not falling on Wednesdays this year, but exceptions include people who collect SSI on the first of every month.

Someone collecting SSI on Jan. 1 can expect their payment in Dec.

Other benefits like food stamps will be deposited on any day, even if it’s a holiday, but it depends on the state.

Some states see delays with federal holidays.

Unemployment depends on states as well. New Hampshire keeps their employment security offices closed Thanksgiving and Black Friday. So any filed claims won’t be processed until Monday evening if they’re filed Thursday through Monday. Benefits are issued Tuesday morning.

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