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Traveling for the holidays? Here are the best times to book flight and train tickets

Many people are booking ways to travel home for the holidays, but this year to get a good deal, you’ll need to be quick.

So when is the best time for booking flights and train tickets?

Three weeks in advance is a good time to book a domestic flight to avoid the increase closer to the date of the actual flight.

Travel expert Cynika Drake, president of Lavish Lifestyles Concierge, said Sundays and Tuesdays should be the date you book flights.

She also suggested to clear out cookies because flight sites use them to see your level of interest and increase prices. If you have looked up a flight or hotel more than once they will see.

She suggests looking at these sites in private mode.

If traveling internationally, it’s best to book four months ahead.

Especially tourist capitals, such as Florida, as extremely popular, so it’s advisable to book flight and these hotels in Orlando in advance.

Trains and buses don’t work the same, and simply put, the sooner you buy a ticket the cheaper it will be.

If traveling during the week it might run cheaper.

Amtrak takes reservations up to 11 months in advance.

Ticket prices go up when more bookings are made for the same trip due to demand.

Gas will still be high as people travel for the holidays, and more people are traveling this year due to not being able to last year.

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