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Seneca County wants residents to help appeal FEMA’s decision on Tropical Storm Fred

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To help New York appeal FEMA’s decision on Tropical Storm Fred damage, Seneca County officials use damage assessment tool

– By Melissa Taylor, Seneca County Emergency Management Director

Governor Hochul has announced New York State’s intent to appeal FEMA’s decision denying individual assistance for disaster-related costs incurred during TROPICAL STORM FRED. To this end, the State has rolled out a NEW DAMAGE ASSESSMENT tool to better collect data to be used in its appeal. 

If you sustained damages during TROPICAL STORM FRED (August 18-19, 2021) and would like to assist the State in its appeal, please click on the link below and self-report your damages NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2021 at 12:00 PM. 

PLEASE NOTE:  EVEN IF you have previously reported your damages to our office, you will still need to use the link provided below.

*The self-report form can be accessed here:

  • Take a reference photo of the home with the address number visible or with GPS coordinates to help distinguish which damage profiles belong with each submitted property
  • Take photographs and closeups of everything that would be clear indicators of the assigned level of damage
  • Do not include photographs that are not of damage (unless it’s an address reference photo)
  • Do not include photographs that contain faces
  • Take close-up photographs of damages to show details, if applicable. This may include high water lines on walls for flood events, foundation cracks for earthquakes, or other damage indicators
  • Take a photo of the damage that shows the scale and extent of the damage relative to an object of known size
  • Ensure lighting and perspective allow a viewer to clearly see damages

For technical assistance related to the self-report form, please call 518.292.1195 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.