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LETTER: Voters should consider the facts in Seneca Falls

The following is a letter to the editor submitted for publication on Submissions for consideration can be sent to [email protected] or manually uploaded by clicking here

Mountain of Trash, Mountain of Lies

– By Jean Gilroy

Apparently if you lie three times, it is perceived as the truth. Seneca Meadow Landfill and its parent company Waste Connections continue to lie through their mega-bucks election campaign, to keep the trash for cash flowing, the trucks rolling and  the smell overwhelming. Our home grown, grass roots Democratic town candidates, Doug Avery, Dave Delelys, and county candidates, Tom Scoles, Sean Painter, and Sue Savageau, (all financed by friends and neighbors), see a brighter, cleaner future for our Jewel in the Crown of American History.  Facts matter. Enough is enough.

Fact — The last double digit tax increase for Seneca Falls residents was in 2017-8 by the Republican Town Board.  SMI threatened to withhold their Host Agreement payments.  This would harm our town credit rating, along with essential services.  The budget had to be modified to cover a potential shortfall.  Our tax rate has fallen every year since under Democratic leadership.

Fact — Democratic Town Board reduced the tax rate in 2021 by 5.4%.  

Fact — SMI pays for its “economic studies” and can pick any “skyrocketing” tax rate it chooses

Fact — SMI continues to sue the Town of Seneca Falls, violates our Host Agreement, trades bribes for votes, refuses to play fair with odor reports, violates our town codes and DEC air regulations

Fact — SMI developed its “environmentally friendly” wetlands preserve only after destroying the naturally occurring wetlands they needed to dump on.  They also rerouted Black Brook and continue to pour “neutralized” waste water runoff into it.

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Fact — SMI owns 2,600 acres and uses 898 acres for its facility.  That leaves 1702 acres for the future.

Fact — SMI claims it will not alter its present footprint.  However, it plans additional 70’ into the airspace.  Mr. Black explained that it is necessary for proper “sloping” for waste water runoff.

Fact — Seneca Energy, which processes methane, cannot handle all the methane.  SMI burns off methane and creates orphan greenhouse gasses that also escape into the air, with particulates from the constant dumping.

Fact — Landfill gasses also move underground (called solid vapor intrusion) to homes, basements, crawl spaces, schools, churches.

Fact — According to the 2018 permit, SMI was REQUIRED to install additional odor control measures and pilot an off-site odor assessment program, which has not been successful.

Fact — SMI only provides free tipping, not free garbage collection.  We pay for collection in our taxes.

Fact — Only .79% of trash comes from Seneca County.  88% comes from NYC, 12% from other states

Fact — SMI dumps 6 tons of trash per day and produces 100,000 gal of toxic leachate daily.  Has 800 methane wells.  Leachate and methane will continue for decades. Processed leachate will be poured into Van Cleef Lake for decades for your kayaking pleasure

Fact — SMI has applied to extend dumping until 2040, filling the Tantalo toxic superfund site with 33 million tons (MORE) of trash and rising another 7 stories into the airspace.  Can our bedrock handle it?

Fact — SMI does not finance anything.  They give donations (bribes) of cash for votes.  Our Town budget finances parks and recreation.  Our school budget finances the library. SMI does however, finance the campaigns of Republicans again this year.

Experience matters.  Integrity matters. Support our Grass Roots Democratic campaign for Home Rule

Vote a clean Democratic ticket for a clean, shiny Seneca Falls.