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Incarcerated New Yorker’s are offered fast food as incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine

The newest incentive for getting the incarcerated population to boost their vaccine rates is to give them fast food.

Anthony Annucci recently sent a memo that says a menu with things like pizza or McDonald’s should be provided to inmates to entice them into getting the vaccine.

Inmate’s can spend up to $10 on food, and the incentive was decided on by staff and the incarcerated liaison committees.

Another incentive is to offer a special Christmas roast meal for prisons that can boost their vaccination rates by 10% between Oct. 20 and Dec. 8.

New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association President Michael Powers said his employees are subjected to complicated weekly testing, while taxpayers fun Happy Meals for inmates.

Right now almost half of all incarcerated individuals have had the vaccine.

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