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Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs uses analogy with former KKK leader to explain not endorsing Democratic primary winner India Walton

The politics in Buffalo are seeing a bit of an issue as Democrats continue to not endorse a potential candidate for Buffalo City Mayor.

One issue is Senator Chuck Schumer refusing to endorse a candidate, and also refusing to answer questions about it.

India Walton was declared the Democratic primary winner, and leaders appear to be ignoring her and her win.

Walton is a Democratic Socialist, and she beat out Byron Brown in the race for Mayor. A big feat, as Brown has already served as Mayor of Buffalo and came out of retirement to run.

State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs and Governor Kathy Hochul have not endorsed Walton either.

Jacobs originally stated that a Republican is not running, so it’s a win for Democrats, but reserved the right to not be forced to endorse anyone.

He then publicly explained it on Twitter by comparing it to if former KKK leader David Duke ran for office, saying he would not endorse him.

Elected officials were unhappy with the analogy and called on Jacobs resignation.

Schumer called the analogy “outrageous and beyond absurd.”

Jacobs later apologized.