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Advocates call on Governor Kathy Hochul to add $3 billion to depleted Excluded Workers Fund

The Excluded Workers Fund was created to help undocumented workers that could not qualify for stimulus relief get funding as well, but the $2.1 billion dollars are almost depleted.

There are still many more who qualify but the funding simply is not available.

Money is already set aside to go out to applicants, and new applications are no longer being accepted.

There is no guarantee that anyone who applied after Sept. 24 will get benefits.

The highest amount possible to get was $15,600, and over 100,000 people received that.

Advocates are asking Governor Kathy Hochul to add another $3 billion to the program for those that are eligible but can not receive the funding.

Hochul said there is no money to be added to the fund, but she would work on alternative means.

There were many barriers to even applying, like access to internet, getting documents from employers when they were paid in cash, and losing documents during Hurricane Ida.

Advocates praised Hochul’s $2.1 billion dollar program, but think for it to be a true success, all eligible workers need to get the funding they are entitled to.

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