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Storms like summer, damp and dreary like fall: Weekend forecast has it all in Finger Lakes

The weekend isn’t going to be a washout, but the forecast isn’t as kind as it has been in recent days. In fact, for the first time in close to two weeks – the Finger Lakes region will see a significant shift away from sunshine and above average temperatures.

Call it seasonal.

Forecasters say the region gets one more day of truly warm weather. It’ll be cloudy on Friday, but temperatures will push into the 70s across most of the Finger Lakes. There will be some cloudy skies that give way to a few showers – but nothing serious. A rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out.

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Low temperatures will only drop into the 60s during the overnight hours. That’s when the Finger Lakes will see its first real opportunity for rainfall.

The precipitation will be heavy at times falling from the overnight hours into the first half of Saturday. Outdoor activity will be a struggle until the afternoon hours. Temperatures will fall from those overnight lows – as the day peaks with temperatures in the 50s and strong northwest winds.

By the time Sunday rolls around it will truly feel like fall. Temperatures in the 50s, lots of clouds, and a north wind that actually allows for lake effect rain showers.

If you want to learn more about the prospect of some isolated severe weather Friday night into Saturday morning check out this analysis from the News 8 Weather Team.

Here’s what the National Weather Service says about next week’s forecast:

Monday: A chance of showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 57. Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Tuesday: Sunny, with a high near 64.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 65.

Thursday: A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 64. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

The big takeaway? Still no overnight lows that even get within range of a frost. Check out the Weather Center for the latest forecast information.

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