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New York is supposed to be keeping track of ammunition sales by now according to the SAFE Act passed in 2013

In 2013 there were plans to create a way to track ammunition sales as part of the SAFE Act.

This has not happened.

A state Assembly hearing was held, and New York State Police, the Office of Information Technology Services and the Division of Criminal Justice Services did not go.

It was stated that in the future subpoenas may be used.

Police commissioners stated earlier than the rise in gun violence was directly related to bail reform.

Data shows that is not true, and they were forced to go back on what was originally said.

“Recidivism and the issue with repeat offenders is really not related in any way to the spike in gun violence,” Rebecca Fischer with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence said. “It was off topic, inappropriate and frankly, false. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a dramatic uptick in shootings and we need to do more to reduce those shootings.”