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New York will not require COVID vaccine for driver’s license application or renewal

Misinformation about New York’s response to COVID-19 strikes again. A photoshopped image using a Rochester-area television station’s call letters appeared online recently alleging that New York State would require the COVID-19 vaccine for license application or renewal.

Now state and local leaders are railing against that claim – noting that no such plans are even in the works.

The false narrative suggests that a rule will take effect January 1, 2022 requiring anyone who applies for a license, or plans to renew one will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It even falsely attributes a quote to Governor Kathy Hochul about ‘hard decisions’ being necessary.

“Disinformation campaigns about the COVID vaccine are dangerous not only because they spread lies, they cost lives. We must stand up to these insidious efforts and make sure New Yorkers have the facts. We cannot let disinformation sow division,” Hochul responded in a tweet.

As for the prospect of such a rule – the state reiterated this week that there would be no vaccine requirement to obtain basic documentations – like a license or identification card.