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Medicare open enrollment starts Oct. 15, are you prepared?

Medicare open enrollment starts in just a couple of days, and now is the time to go over your coverage to make sure it’s what you need.

A common question people often wonder is whether or not they should enroll in Medicare Part D, which covers drugs and some shots. There may be a premium.

If someone joins after open enrollment is over, there’s a penalty.

Asking your local pharmacist for information on which plans will cover your prescriptions the best is also an option to help make a decision.

There are various parts to Medicare:

Medicare Part A: hospital insurance. Most people don’t pay a deductible.

Medicare Part B: medical insurance. Most people pay a monthly premium.

Medicare Part C: these plans offer the same Medicare plans for lower out of pocket costs. Enrollees must have Parts A and B to get C.

Medicare Part D: prescription drug coverage. Depending on the plan, there may be a premium.

Original Medicare: you pay a deductible until Medicare pays its share. There are also co-pays.

Medicare Supplement: these plans give additional insurance and can be purchased in addition to Original Medicare plans.

Visit Medicare’s website to learn more.

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