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Child Tax Credits will be sent soon for October, here’s what you need to know

October 15 marks the fourth round of the advance monthly payments for child tax credits.

While the 15th is the expected date, people expecting them still need to pay attention due to past issues.

First, people need to remember if they filed their taxes by the May 17 deadline.

Some people have until Oct. 15 to file their 2020 taxes

Returns must be filed by Oct. 15 for those who requested an extension.

If someone was the victim of a tornado or natural disaster, they are also entitled to some relief.

Those granted reliefs can file by Nov. 1, and the IRS identifies many in disaster areas. If you’re outside the area, you must call to request the relief.

Is there more money for this child tax credit check?

Some families have reported getting less money than they anticipated in their September checks.

They also reported getting checks late in August and September.

The majority of families will still receive $300 per child age 5 and under pr $250 for children up to 17.

Anyone who makes too little to file for taxes only has until Oct. 15 to use the “Child Tax Credit Non-filer Sign-up Tool.”

This is used for reporting children born before 2021.

Opting out of child tax credit payments

Many families choose to opt out to avoid the possibility of paying taxes next year, but also put it off sometimes.

To opt out, just visit the IRS website and set up an account. The Nov. payment can be opted out of by completing this by Nov. 1.

To opt out of Dec. you must do so by Nov. 29.

If you opt out by Nov. 1 you will opt out of both payments.

Anyone who is married and wants to opt out, both spouses must do so.

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