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All the latest news on Formula 1 racing

Formula 1 Racing has always been one of the most amazing sports events to watch both on and off the land. With the pandemic still raging on and Formula 1 enthusiasts finding it difficult to keep up with the sports car racing taking place in loops, this article, prepared in collaboration with, is going to bring you everything you need to know in the latest news section on Formula 1 Racing. Not just that, scroll down to read about how Formula 1 Racing came to be what it is and what history it contains in its very wheels. All of this information served in a fun parcel makes this article one of the very best out there for not only Formula 1 Racing lovers, but also all those sports enthusiasts who are just getting ready to start off on their Formula 1 Racing journey. 

History of Formula 1 Racing 

Formula 1 Racing began in the 1920s or the 1930s with the automobile racing industry getting a huge boost with the introduction and subsequent popularity of the European Grand Prix Championships. But, the professional founding only started in 1946 with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) actually carefully curating a standardized set of rules or laws, which was put into procedure by a World Championship of Drivers in 1950. 

The evolution of the technical guidelines led to the creation of a host of different motor racing championships all over the world. The world championship was the standard and other automobile championships followed suit, such as the national competition series in South Africa and the United Kingdom in the 1960s and the 1970s. However, the last national or even non-championship motorsports event was held in 1983 due to the huge cash demand which sponsors would struggle to even be able to cover. 

After several changes in automobiles and machinery over the years, Formula One Racing currently, from 2014 onwards, entered the second turbocharged session, with all automobiles being a variation of the 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 hybrid power unit.

Latest Formula 1 Racing News from All Over the World 

The latest Formula 1 Racing news comes all the way from Russia. On Saturday, 25th of September, 2021, the Sochi Circuit in Russia was almost submerged with the torrential downpour that soaked all of Russia and turned the country into a giant puddle. This natural disaster also brought in a disastrous consequence for the Russian Formula 1 Racing team which is all set to compete in the Grand Prix this season. The Saturday practice session was supposed to be the ultimate or the last one before the Russian Formula 1 Racing team would go for the qualifying session. Race director Michael Masi was absolutely heartbroken with the weather disrupting and then completely cancelling the 15th round of the qualifying session that had been of the topmost priority for the Russian Formula 1 Racing team. 

The Russian GP got postponed over and over again with the rain making it near impossible for the authorities to hold any Formula 3 Race or Formula 2 Sprint Race from Friday evening onwards. The priority might be the race, but the clouds and the showers have turned the entire area into a huge water body and the sun has been going out of sight earlier than the determined time every evening. 

As far as the wins at the Russian Formula 1 GP is concerned, Mercedes dominated the track (they actually have been doing so since 2014) at the Free Practice session on Friday, with Finn Valtteri Bottas being far ahead of seven time Grand Prix Champion, Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has a 5-point lead ahead of Lewis Hamilton, but the Dutchman will begin at the back with the introduction of a new engine, so Hamilton still has a huge chance at Sochi in Russia this year, to bring his career to a whopping 100 wins in all. 


Formula 1 Racing has always been popular especially amongst all the automobile enthusiasts because it not only brings out the best motor sports cars out there for all automobile lovers to stare at, but gives you the ultimate chance to imagine that you are right there, sitting in the passenger seat or maybe even in the driver’s seat as you zip down winding loops at the race track to find your way to the finishing line where you get awarded the Grand Prix prize of all time. 

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