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Build this trap to kill spotted lanternflies

The northeast is continuing to see plenty of spotted lanternflies, and experts ask that they be killed on sight, but there are so many.

Penn State Extension has offered a solution to do more to diminish the continuously growing population.

Traps can be used when placed on tree trunks, and bands were a popular solution, but they can harm other noninvasive species and small birds.

Here is a new circle trap that can kill many spotted lanternflies at once:


1 rectangle of window screen approximately 30″ x 23″
1 piece of wood approximately 11″ x 1″ x 0.5″
1 piece of wood approximately 18″ x 1″ x 0.5″
32″ of sturdy but bendable wire
2 tops of plastic milk jugs
1 one-gallon zip-type bag
Weather-proof duct tape
Staple gun with short staples
Hot glue gun
1 zip tie
1 piece of twine
A couple of push pins or a staple gun


Cut off the tops of each milk jug.
Use hot glue and duct tape to attach the spouts together.
Take the window screen and fold it, cutting a small circle at the top.
Use hot glue to attach the screen to the plastic top of the milk jug.
Take the longer piece of wood and staple it to the netting and plastic top.
Staple the shorter piece of wood to the screen netting, and tack the top seam with a stapler so the spotted lanternfly won’t be able to escape through the seam.
Attach the wire from the side of the netting that has the shorter wood to the tree trunk.
Slip the zip-type bag over the plastic jug top and secure it with a zip-tie.

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