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Where can I buy an at home COVID-19 test?

Many places are requiring people get tested for COVID, but how can they do that if they can’t find tests?

At the moment, Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart are working with the Biden administration to sell rapid COVID tests that can be taken home, at cost, for three months.

The tests are hard to find though, especially where they’re sold affordably.

President Joe Biden said the government would purchase 280 million tests so school systems and federal employees had access, but places like Detroit, a large city, don’t seem to have them in stock anywhere.

Not only are most pharmacies and stores out of stock- Amazon often is as well.

Suggestions include asking stores to let you know when they’re available again, or seeing if you can get rainchecks.

It’s also important to keep price in mind.

BinaxNow sells their tests at Kroger for $16 and Walmart for $14, but CVS is selling them for $23.99.

Different stores are using different tactics to try their best to keep them in stock at reasonable prices.

Walmart says they’re working closely with suppliers and expect them to hit shelves in the coming weeks to meet customers needs.

CVS is limiting their tests to only 6 per customer when they are in stock.

Tests are often out of stock at Rite Aid as well, but they expect them to be in stock soon and they will be available on

CVS is also selling tests online, with a limit of 6 per customer.

If a test is what you need and you aren’t in a major rush, CVS and Rite Aid offer free testing in their pharmacy.

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