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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: How has the AHL changed over the last 19 months? Looking ahead to 2021-22 season (podcast)

In this episode, recorded September 24th, 2021, Alex welcomes Patrick Williams back onto the show. With a little under a month left before the AHL season gets underway, the two of them discuss everything from COVID-19 pandemic fatigue to the question of Syracuse’s captain.

Specifically, Patrick and Alex cover the following topics: How the league itself has changed over the past 19 months, and the creativity teams are going to have to show as they try to get fans – especially families, their bread-and-butter – back into their arenas. They also tackle questions of vaccination mandates around the league for fans, front offices, and players, and the turnover many AHL front offices have faced (including Syracuse). They discuss the increased importance of pre-season this October, both in terms of roster formation and front office preparation, and answer the following question: Has the Tampa Bay Lightning potentially given Syracuse one of their most competitive and impressive rosters yet? Finally, Patrick gives his best guess for the Crunch’s captaincy: Daniel Walcott or Gabriel Dumont? (Not to get too click-batey, but the answer might surprise you!)