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Everything you need to know about the booster vaccine

There are many questions surrounding the Pfizer booster vaccine, especially after the CDC director admitted to understanding American’s confusion surrounding it.

The number one stipulation to getting it is a person must have had the Pfizer vaccine and the second dose must be at least 6 months prior to getting the booster shot.

So who exactly should be getting the booster?

People 65 and older as well as nursing home patients and assisted living residents.

People between 50 and 64 that have underlying health conditions that put them at greater risk if they catch the virus, like cancer, HIV, and diabetes to name a few.

Can anyone else get it?

Anyone between 18 and 49 with health problems.

Anyone 18 to 64 that has a job that increases risk of infection.

What side effects are there?

More serious side effects are rare but heart inflammation sometimes occurs in young men.

Other important things to note include people who got Moderna or Johnson & Johnson may not get a booster shot. The brands cannot be mixed.

Boosters are free and can be found at any health clinic or drug store.

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