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Stillbirths are being reported at a higher rate in southern states where pregnant women are infected with COVID-19

Southern states where positive COVID rates run high is seeing an increase in stillbirths among women who have the virus.

Dr. Tiffany Wells, OBGYN from Baptist Health, says they are seeing the numbers higher in Mississippi and Alabama, but it’s harder to get the numbers for these situations in Florida.

According to the CDC, there have been 266 stillbirths since the beginning of the pandemic, and the rate across the country appears to be low.

While numbers might appear to be high in southern states, Wells says more data is needed to establish the true cause.

She said when the numbers were reported in Mississippi, the stillbirths and positive COVID patients giving birth were being related to each other.

Mississippi remains one of the lowest states for vaccines in the nation, and has reported a total of 72 still births since the start of the pandemic. That’s double the national average.

Wells says it is safe for women to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Research is beginning to show that COVID has an impact on pregnancies.

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