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North Seneca Ambulance receives major donation from BonaDent

When North Seneca Ambulance receives a call for help– they answer, providing 24/7 advanced and basic ambulatory care to all of Seneca County. It is for that same reason that when North Seneca Ambulance made their own call for help – BonaDent answered, donating $25,000 to help cover costs associated with much needed equipment.

The pandemic continues to put a strain on first responders like North Seneca Ambulance, an independent, non-profit organization that receives no support from County tax revenue. With rising costs and requirements for PPE (personal protective equipment), coupled with challenges related to insurance reimbursement and service billing, North Seneca Ambulance has struggled to invest in necessary equipment upgrades.

Chief Kevin Lightfoote said of the donation, “Given the financial strain this pandemic has placed on North Seneca Ambulance, we are incredibly appreciative of BonaDent’s generous donation in these trying times. This donation, the largest donation we’ve received in 5 years combined, will allow us to make the necessary purchases to upgrade our equipment and continue to provide critical care for our community. If not for BonaDent’s donation, we would have had no choice but to extend the service window of the current equipment. We are so lucky to be in a community where people step up and help each other.”

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BonaDent and The Bonafiglia Family are no stranger to stepping up and supporting their community. They’ve long been known for investing in the local community, making significant monetary contributions to numerous community organizations throughout the years, and investing in the revitalization of downtown Seneca Falls. Last year alone they invested over $200,000 to help minimize the financial burden of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of her family’s charitable giving, BonaDent’s Vice President Daniele Bonafiglia Wirth said, “My grandparents Angelo and Aggie raised their family and built their business in Seneca Falls and instilled within us the importance of caring for others. This is the community we were raised in, that we raise our own families in, and that we work in. Our 185 dedicated, hardworking Seneca Falls employees strive to do the same. It is a privilege for our team to be able to support those organizations that do so much for our community. We are grateful for the critical care that North Seneca Ambulance provides and are happy to uphold North Seneca Ambulance’s mission of “people helping people,” because great things happen when people come together under common cause.”

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