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Two men involved in a violent Geneva home invasion are also involved in the torture and murder of a man in the Southern Tier

Two suspects have been indicted on a torture and murder case that happened in the Southern Tier after being arrested in April for a home invasion that took place in Geneva.

The home invasion in Geneva left a man severely beaten and tortured.

The two men, Malik Weems, 18, of Pittsburgh, and Eddie Marte, 25, of New York City have been charged with kidnapping, burglary, and robbery by Geneva Police.

The charges are for holding the man in Geneva at gunpoint, beating him with belts and cords, and using a knife to burn him.

They are also accused of being involved in the abduction, torture, and murder of a man that they shot, beat, and burned from New York City before dumping him across state lines to die in a remote area.