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UR Medicine’s Farmington Urgent Care will temporarily close and be a clinic for monoclonal antibody treatment

Urgent Care in Farmington will temporarily cease operation starting Saturday.

According to UR Medicine Thompson Health, staffing is so bad at other locations they need to utilize the urgent care staff in places they’re needed more.

They also plan to convert the location into a clinic for monoclonal antibody treatment.

Other medical facilities in the same location in Farmington including Farmington Pediatrics, Farmington Rehabilitation Services, HealthWorks and the Farmington OB/GYN will all remain open.

Hours this week are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Friday.

The space will then be used for monoclonal antibody injection to treat positive COVID patients that are considered high risk and have mild symptoms.

Thompson Hospital wants to remind everyone to use urgent care, not the Emergency Room, in a case where urgent care services are needed.

There are urgent care locations in Canandaigua, Newark, and Perinton.