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Will stores have enough toys for Christmas? COVID has created numerous supply and demand issues

There are issues caused by the pandemic when it comes to materials and delivery, and now companies are working hard to have a good supply of toys with Christmas right around the corner.

The biggest time of the year to rake in revenue for the toy industry is at Christmas, where there’s around $33 billion in sales annually.

Last year LEGOs, L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, Barbies, and PlayStations were just a few of the hottest sellers.

Places like Walmart and Target could suffer this Christmas if their shelves remain emptier than normal like they have been seasonally throughout the pandemic.

Some of the industry’s biggest creators like MGA, Kids2, and Funko Inc. are putting in the effort by using expensive cargo planes, different seaports, and asking their retailers to do their own shipping.

Because the demand is so high, companies are seeing record breaking numbers in sales for when they are able to supply toys to retailers.

There is more demand than a lot of companies can supply.

Macy’s has reopened their own line under the Toys’R’Us brand and is expected to supply consumers in time for Christmas.

Many major toy companies have started their planning early, and at this point if a company wanted to use a cargo ship they would need to wait months.

MGA has started using air delivery due to cargo ships having such long delays.

Toy delivery via air was twice as high as it is normally. It also normally costs $500,000 to deliver cargo on a plane, but costs up to $1-2 million dollars now.

Companies that don’t want to opt for air are expanding their number of seaports, like Kids2, who went from 2 to 9.

Many stores have an acceptable supply of toys right now, but come Christmas, that may not be the case.

As sales increase, companies are doing everything they can to not miss out on sales this year.

They have the supply and demand is high, but the issue is actually getting the supply to consumers.

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