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Bicycles are facing a shortage; anyone looking to buy one may need to wait until 2023

Looking to buy a bike? You may be out of luck this year.

In the last year, bike sales sky rocketed by 65% as people searched for a remedy to combat the pandemic. Now there’s a shortage.

Parts and bikes mainly come from China, and factories overseas have shut down since the start of the pandemic.

If someone ordered a bike now, it may take close to a year to get it, maybe even longer.

Some businesses have ordered bikes and claim to be getting one every ten days to two weeks, and they need far more than that to fulfill their orders.

Though inventory has sped up a little, the catch up will probably take until 2023 until things to return to normal again.

Suspension, contact points and wheels are all hard to get right now.

Kids bikes are not currently facing a shortage.

To handle the crisis, bike shops have cut back on hours or days they’re open, and some only take appointments if it’s for a part they can get.

Big box stores don’t appear to be facing as much of a shortage, and one way small retailers are handling it is by selling their bike parts on places like Amazon where bigger stores may purchase the parts.

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