There are over one million households in New York without internet access

One million homes, or 13.8%, do not have access to broadband internet in the state of New York.

The national average is 13.6%.

The report was released by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and showed that households making less than $20,000 lacked internet access. Overall, 1 out of 3 low income homes lacked access.

The Finger Lakes Region makes up for 8% of people without access, Western New York makes up 12%, and the highest is Long Island at 25%.

To help combat the lack of internet access, the state has created a portal that shows affordable internet service in your area and the federal government created the Emergency Broadband Benefit that discounts internet up to $50 per month.

The state also created a law requiring all providers to offer affordable internet to low income families, but they are fighting it in court.

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