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Will Congress approve a fourth $2,000 stimulus check? States move forward with plans worth $600 to $15,200 per person

While millions of Americans wait for a fourth stimulus check the Biden Administration made clear on Thursday that efforts to help the U.S. economy recovery will be crucial. States across the country are in the process of issuing a new round of stimulus payments.

It means that first responders in Florida, excluded workers or illegal immigrants who did not qualify for federal stimulus payments as part of the CARES Act or American Rescue Plan in New York, or most California residents will see another round of stimulus payments.

Is there a plan for another round of stimulus payments in Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan?

The short answers is ‘no’, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen as Democrats attempt to win over large blocks of its own voters, who feel that another round of stimulus is necessary. In fact, most Democrats are calling for recurring stimulus payments until the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

How will a COVID vaccine mandate impact the next stimulus payments?

As President Joe Biden announced a vaccine mandate for nearly 100 million people, which includes all employers with at least 100 workers, some asked if that could mean another stimulus payment.

This is primarily connected to the workforce concerns as the federal government steps in to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine among such a large portion of the population. Will it result in hundreds of thousands, or millions of people walking off the job? Will that mandate send the economy back into flux?

Both are valid questions that a lot of Americans are concerned about.

What about the prospect of a fourth stimulus check for seniors?

Even with a significant Cost of Living Adjustment expected in 2022, and increased Medicare coverage with slightly lower costs for many older Americans – that doesn’t mean they are excluded from stimulus talks.

In fact, the opposite is true. Seniors have been at the center of a broader debate around a fourth stimulus check. A petition has been gaining steam to push out $1,400 stimulus checks to seniors as a means to balance out the overall cost of living spike that’s coming. While social security increases may cover some of it – advocates say there’s growing concern that even a 6% increase in benefits will not be enough.

Why? That’s largely due to inflation – and the rate at which it’s been happening in the U.S. over the last 12 months at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic.

What states have plans for a fourth round of stimulus payments?

There’s a growing number of states who are issuing a fourth round of stimulus payments to select groups of residents to push economic activity. One major concern is that with several months between present time and the last round of stimulus payments, as well as the end of enhanced unemployment benefits – a fourth round of stimulus will be needed to keep economic activity up.

California residents are getting $600. In fact, two-thirds of the population there will be getting those stimulus payments. First responders in Florida received a $1,000 one-time stimulus payment. New Mexico residents who make up low income households are receiving $750 payments. And teachers in Tennessee are getting a fourth stimulus payment.

The largest stimulus payments are going to New York’s excluded worker population, who are the non-residents that did not qualify for stimulus payments last year. They will receive up to $15,200 in stimulus payments from a fund worth billions in the state. Governor Kathy Hochul says those checks are going out by the end of the month.