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Geneva City School District parent expresses concern following the COVID-19 exposure of both football teams

Magie Anderson, of Geneva, is the mother of an 8th grade modified football player for the Geneva City School District who is currently  in quarantine.

“It was so sad looking at everyone’s kids back to school pictures, and my kid is in quarantine,” she said.

Due to the exposure of both the modified and varsity football teams, all players were required to stay home from school to quarantine. Anderson’s son won’t start school until Sept. 15.

Anderson feels frustrated at how the exposure has been handled, and stated that she only knew about it because people that work at the school she happens to know informed her.

“The modified team wasn’t even notified about the exposure and the school never made an announcement for those players to not come to school on the first day,” she said. “They all showed up and got sent home.”

One of Anderson’s frustrations is that when the school decided to go ahead with sports this year, she thought they would have a plan in place for these situations and remain transparent with families for the safety and health of the students.

“The moment they made the decision for kids to play sports is the same moment they should have had a plan in place for when stuff like this happens,” she said.

She said the school claimed they did not anticipate this happening.

“I was lucky to know the right people and find out about the exposure, but what about parents who didn’t know?” she said. “It’s so irresponsible of the school to not be forthcoming with the information.”

Anderson plans to attend the Geneva school board meeting on Monday, Sept. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the Geneva High School Library and urges any other parents with concerns about the COVID-19 protocol to attend as well.