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Eating disorder hospitalizations have doubled since the pandemic began, increasing a need for treatment

Mental health has been magnified due to the pandemic, and the National Eating Disorders Hotline have had their number of calls increase by 40%.

Hospitalizations for eating disorder related issues has doubled among teens and young adults.

Dr. Joel Jahraus, chief medical officer of Monte Nido, explained that whatever the disorder may be, whether it’s restricting or purging food, using laxatives, etc., the person keeps it a secret and isolates.

COVID-19 has given people and even greater opportunity to isolate, making these issues worse.

Monte Nido opened in Victor a little over a month ago with ten spots and half are already filled.

Jahraus chose to open a facility up here because many patients going to the facility in New York City were residents of Western New York.

As awareness for eating disorders grows, so does the effort to treat them effectively.

The Healing Connection, a residential program with Golisano Children’s Hospital, is set to open in May of 2022.