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Despite low numbers in attendance rates at the New York State Fair this year, many vendors plan to return

Attendance rates remain incredibly low for the New York State Fair, with 36,000 people in attendance on Thursday compared to 103,000 on the same day during the last Fair in 2019.

Vendors have felt the impact of the low attendance, and while some had to cut down on staff, many remain optimistic about the Fair in the future.

Peachey’s Baking Company travels to different fairs all over the country from their home base in Sarasota Florida and this marks their second year here in New York.

The owner, Nathan Peachey, planned for the low attendance rate and still plans to return next year.

Another vendor, Dylan Husted, of Liverpool brought his Baked Potato Express food truck for the first time this year and plans to return next year.

The Fair’s final day will be Labor Day.